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MONU Skin Analysis -Face mapping  FREE. Our face mapping skin analysis takes all the guesswork out of getting result. Your MONU skin therapist will diagnose your skin concerns and prescribe a no nonsense home care treatment regimen to deliver your optimum skin health. A professional consultation that reveals your skins past, present... and healthiest future.


MONU LUNCH TIME TREATS. These express treatments are your ticket to glowing skin in a flash. Let our professional skin therapist show you professional hacks that get you the max in healthy skin. Ideal if you are new to skin treatments, need a skin pick-me-up or before a special event 



MONU Flash Facial £30 A targeted professional skin treatment.  Get on the spot skin solutions with our Monu Flash Facial treatment. After consultation and Face Mapping we will determine your skins needs and focus on key stages of treatment to get you maximum results in a minimum of time. 25 mins



MONU Cellular Repair Plus £23  Using a complex blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Fruit Acids to eliminate dead cells, resurface, exfoliate, smooth and refine the skin. This peel is great for mature skins but also very effective on congested skin prone to breakouts There is no downtime and skin is left resurfaced, smooth and radiant. 20mins  



MONU Bio Eye Tech £25  Our anti-ageing eye treatment uses freeze dried collagen eye patches to reduce dark circles, puffiness, crepey or dry skin around the eye area. A specialist eye massage improves circulation, assists lymphatic drainage and thoroughly revitalises the eye area. 25 mins        



MONU Aromatic Signature Facial £50  Our signature facial will let you experience the truly incredible results MONU has to offer. Mask therapy and exfoliation are combined, whilst a soothing massage to the face neck and shoulders will leave you calmed and relaxed. This facial is tailored to suit your skin needs. 60 mins                                                                                                         .                                            


MONU Hydra-Lift Collagen Facial £60  The main focus in this intensive repairing treatment is the application of a 99% Collagen Veil which delivers a burst of moisture whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels to rediscover that youthful look. Perfect for dehydrated and sun damaged skin. This treatment will leave the skin looking youthful and restored with an even appearance. 60 mins.



MONU Intense Lift Anti-Ageing Facial £63  The ultimate relaxing and high performance treatment. This signature facial offers all the relaxing benefits associated with the tried and trusted MONU Skincare treatment protocols along with the added benefit of new anti-ageing formulations found in the RENU skincare range. For dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin a deeply nourishing treatment mask is applied which provides 100% natural nutrients and proteins which have soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. For slack or devitalized skin, a seaweed based mask is used to lift and relax the epidermis using minerals and trace elements. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes



MONU PLUS Resurface and Peel System £60  Using a complex blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Fruit Acids to eliminate dead cells, resurface and exfoliate, smooth and refine. Sodium Bicarbonate to help deep cleanse, purify and clear congested pores. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant, which helps to correct skin tone, brighten and clear a dull complexion whilst revitalising and increasing radiance. Peels although good for mature skin, are also a welcome treatment for anyone suffering with blocked pores, breakouts, acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture and to generally increase overall skin health and radiance. 45 mins



MONU PLUS Prescriptive Facial £56  A prescriptive range of products to create a facial experience perfectly tailored to your client’s skin. Using essential oils of Rose, Bergamot and Lemon which will help to target skin concerns, balance, uplift and clarify the skin. Rose Essential Oil - Should be used to help balance moisture levels in the skin. It works to reduce the appearance of imperfections and blemishes whilst promoting an even skin tone and a balanced complexion. Bergamot Essential Oil - Works to de-stress and soothe both the skin and senses with its calming aroma and it is frequently used in massage therapy due to its comforting properties. Bergamot clarifies the complexion to promote healthy, clear skin.  Lemon Essential Oil - Naturally cleanses and purifies the body and skin, supporting healthy respiratory functions and promoting a positive mood. Skin is toned, balanced and refreshed. 60 mins



RADIO FREQUENCY ‘Facelift’ Facial.  An amazing and effective non-surgical facial 'lift' that will tighten, tone and rejuvenate skin. Thermal Radio Frequency produces instant and noticeable results with an increase in collagen production as well as improving tone, firmness and reducing lines. There is no down time or risks with this tratment. We recommend a course of 6 treatments over 8/16 weeks for optimum results.


Lunchtime 'Facelift' Facial 30mins  £38       


Course of 6 Lunchtime 'Facelift' Facials £200     


Full Facial with Radio Frequency 60mins  £70     


Course of 6 Full Facials £380



DERMAPLANING  £45  Deeply exfoliating, cleansing and ‘peach fuzz’ hair removing facial treatment using a scalpel to gently but effectively regenerate skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation. Can be used for preparing skin for further treatments or stand alone for healthy glowing results.


MICRONEEDLING £59  Dermapen microneedling triggers the body's wound healing response to encourage the healing response. Increasing the production of elasin and collagen. Reducing wrinkles, open pores, skin imperfections and sun damage.    


DERMALUX LED LIGHT THERAPY  Single treatment 30 mins £30, add onto any facial 30m £20            Dermalux LED is a non-invasive treatment that can rejuvenate tired skin with tangible results after one treatment. It uses the power of light therapy to stimulate and repair the skin damage. LED light has many positive aspects that make an essential skin treatment. Dermalux LED uses state of the art technology and the latest in clinical research to deliver a safe level of light that the skin needs and does so with no pain or downtime. The Dermalux uses 3 types of LED LIGHT either singularly and in combination. RED LIGHT: Has an anti-aging property and is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones and also provides a soothing and hydrating boost to the skin. BLUE LIGHT: Has an anti-bacterial property and is ideal for treating acne and congested skin and also provides a skin tightening effect as well as a treatment for seasonal affective disorder, and bacterial and viral infections. BLUE/RED LIGHT: Is ideal for the treatment of scarring and inflammatory acne as it reduces swelling and inflammation and also helps strengthen the skin.





PERSONALISED MASSAGE Swedish Remedial.  Swedish massage is great for de-stressing, releasing tension and relaxation. Your therapist will use a combination of techniques to rebalance the body and mind, 25 mins £27,  40 mins £37,  55 mins £49  



EQUILIBRIUM Scalp, Face & Neck Massage £20  A lovely alternative to a facial to brighten and boost the skin and mind. Flowing massage movements with pressure point techniques will gently balance and clear the mind and release tension 20 mins  



MONU Luxury Thermal Back Treatment £49.  A facial for the back! This treatment is great for anyone who wants to treat an area that is often forgotten and difficult to reach. Our back treatment offers the ultimate relaxation including, a 25-minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, which helps to target congestion, oiliness and tension. Skin is deep cleansed and exfoliated then followed by the application of a hot aromatic compress to help relax the muscles. 60 mins.



MONU Exotic Hot Oil and Salt Scrub Polish £39.  A luxurious full body treatment tailored to your individual needs to leave the skin feeling smooth, hydrated, fresh and energised. A perfect treatment pre or post-holiday, pre special occasions or for anyone looking to improve the texture, tone and smoothness of the skin. An aromatic and invigorating, body buffing, cleansing treatment to slough away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and radiant. With two different blends of salts available this treatment can be specifically tailored for your individual needs. 45 mins.



MONU Revive Relax & Rejuvenate Candle Treatment, Back Neck & Shoulders £28  Full Body £50                  Our luxurious bespoke Massage Treatment combining unique massage moves with massage candles. Spa Massage Candles come in 3 beautiful blends, simply select the blend to suit your needs. The melted pool of oil created from the candle becomes the massage medium. Select from the following blends:                            Relaxing - with Rose and Patchouli essential oils.  Reviving - with Grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils.      Rejuvenating - with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang:   



MONU Ultimate Signature Body Ritual £66.  This soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing all over body treatment incorporates a variety of indulgent aromatherapy oils packed full of powerful therapeutic benefits. Using our exotic salt scrubs to gently exfoliate the body, which will eliminate dead skin cells. The face, body and scalp are massaged using specialised techniques with carefully applied pressure, finishing off with a 30-minute tailor made express facial. Let your worries melt away as we relieve your stresses and strains with this luxurious tension buster. 120 mins.



INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE £35.  A blissful treat. A head, neck, face and shoulder massage which relieves stress, tension and takes you to another level. Based on traditional techniques this treatment combines pressure point massage to induce total relaxation 40 mins 


STONE THERAPY.  Back, Neck and Shoulders 45 mins £40. Full Body 60 mins £56.  A deep and relaxing massage using hot basal lava stones and traditional massage techniques. Hot stones are used on the body to create a sensation of comfort, warmth and deep relaxation.            


MONU MAMA’S Pregnancy Massage Ritual £50.  Indulge in this relaxing ritual massage which will help relieve any muscle aches and pains and water retention you may have, leaving you feeling totally relaxed A great way to calm and connect with your baby. 60 mins (Only suitable during trimesters 2 & 3).



SOLE DELIGHT Foot Treatment £20.  A refreshing change from a pedicure. A luxurious lower leg bathe and foot soak followed by an invigorating leg and foot exfoliation and finished with a relaxing foot massage that brings comfort to the entire body. 25 mins. With polish application £24                                                         



HEAVENLY Hydrated Hands £20.  A luxury hand treatment to target the signs of ageing. A full exfoliation of the hands and forearms to brighten skin tone and boost circulation followed by a gentle massage to apply nourishing hand treatment cream.  25 mins. With polish application £24                                                                  




Shape & Polish Hands or Feet £18                                                    

Express Manicure or Pedicure with polish £26

Manicure or Pedicure with polish £33         

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure with polish £44     

Luxury Paraffin Wax Manicure or Pedicure £49



CALLUS  PEEL.   Effective removal of hard skin leaving the feet smooth, moisturised and callus free. Added to any pedicure £16. Single treatment £19




Nail Shape and Shellac Application £27  


Express Manicure or Pedicure & Shellac £35       


Manicure or Pedicure & Shellac £40                 


Luxury Manicure or Pedicure & Shellac £50   


Removal £5



Full Set Gel/Acrylic £36     


Full Set with Polish £37         


Full Set Gel/Acrylic with Shellac £40         


Maintenance Gel/Acrylic £29     

Maintenance Gel/Acrylic with polish £33           

Maintenance Gel/Acrylic with Shellac £35          

Gel polish colour removal & re application £21 


Removal £16                                 


Nail Designs and Finishes         

                                                                                                                                                                Nail varnish £9         


Nail Art £10                             


Specialist Designs £15       


Repair per nail £5



Sunbed courses 60 mins £25, 90 mins £35, 120 mins £45


MAKE UP                                                                                                                                                Special Occasion Make UP POA 

                                                                                                                                                                BROW & EYELASH ENHANCEMENTS                                                                                                 CLASSIC Lash Extensions.  Full Set £48,  Outer Edge (1/2 set) £38,  Top up after 3 weeks £32  after 2 weeks £28 



LASH Lift & Tint  £34.  A great way to enhance your natural lashes for an amazing transformation. Lifted lashes add definition for a fuller and longer looking natural lash. Colour is boost for added depth. The lift and colour lasts up to 6 weeks with no maintenance   60 mins     




Eyebrow Shape £9.50               

Eyelash Tint £15                           


Eyebrow Shape & Eyelash Tint £19.50       


Eyebrow Tint £6.50             


Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint £18         


Eyebrow Shape and Eyebrow Tint £13.50


New clients require a patch test 24 hrs in advance of lash/brow tint and lift



HENNA BROWS £32.  While henna may not be the right brow treatment for everyone, it does give some a great solution to having to fill in their brows daily and accentuate their natural shape, define their brows more, and allow for more sparse brows to appear fuller. This is an in between alternative to microblading, without as much of the commitment--while still achieving longer results than a regular eyebrow pencil or pomade. This is a great semi-permanent alternative for clients looking to achieve a "tattoo like" look without the serious commitment. 45 mins



MICROBLADING SEMI PERMANENT EYEBROWS.  Semi permanent eyebrow tattooing with a ‘microblade’ to create a perfect ‘hair stroke’. Beautiful natural looking brows are created by adding just a few hairs to enhance a thinning brow or a full brow rebuild to correct and create the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. This procedure will fade over 2/3 years but with a refresh every 18 months you can keep them looking good as long as you want. Prices are from £50 to £250 depending on the look you want us to create.



1/2 Legs £20     


1/2 Legs & Bikini Line £25             


1/2 Legs, Bikini & Underarm £30         


Upgrade Bikini Line to Hollywood/Brazilian £12     


Full Legs £29                   


Full Legs & Bikini Line £32               


Full Legs, Bikini & Underarm £36           


Upgrade Bikini Line to Hollywood/Brazilian £12   


Underarm £11.50                             


Half Arm £13.50                      


Full Arm £19                                     


Standard Bikini Line £12.50       


High Bikini Line £16                 


Brazilian/Hollywood £25             


Top Lip £7                         


Top Lip & Chin £13                       


Eyebrows & Top Lip £15




ULTRASONIC Fat Reduction.  A non-surgical fat reduction procedure makes it easy to contour and sculpt your body into the shape you always wanted.  There is no surgery, no anaesthesia, no hospital stay, no time off work and no recovery time. Ultrasonic is the perfect treatment for women who want to contour their body and regain their confidence. You will see an immediate change in your appearance after your first session, with optimum results after 6 to 12 sessions depending on the area being treated.  One area- 1 x 20 minute session is £65.  Two areas 1 x 40 minute session is £115



RADIO FREQUENCY Cellulite Treatment.  Radio Frequency treatment creates a deep tissue reaction which tightens collagen fibres which smooths cellulite.  It is a lasting and effect cellulite treatment with fat reducing and smoothing qualities but it is also the perfect partner for Ultrasonic Fat Reduction for tightening and further processing and breaking down of fat cells.  One area 20 min session  £35,  4 x one area 20 min sessions £120




LASER TATTOO REMOVAL .  Effective tattoo removal for unwanted ink


Single Session/6 sessions


3 cm x 3 cm £35 £160


6 cm x 6 cm £70 £350


15 cm x 15 cm £90 £450


20 cm x 20 cm  £100 £500


25 cm x 15 cm  £120 £600






We treat imperfections and reductions as single treatments.


Removal/reduction thread and spider veins from £35 


Reduction of hyper pigmentation (age spots) from £35          


Reduction of stretch marks and scars from £35       



LASER HAIR REMOVAL.  Laser hair removal has revolutionised the treatment of unwanted hair. It works by heating and destroying the hair follicles. All areas of the body can be treated.  You will need several treatments and best results are achieved with dark hair. Prices vary with area and type of treatment and we always offer a free consultation with all our Laser Clinic treatments to assess your needs.


HAIR REMOVAL  Single treatment/5 treatments


Top Lip £35 / £140     


Chin £35 / £140           


Cheeks £35 / £140       


Neck £35 / £140                       


Full Face £140 / £560               


Underarms  £50 / £200         


Bikini(standard)  £60 / £240         


Bikini(high) £70 / £280             


Bikini(Brazilian) £90 / £360             


Half Arms £60 / £240                   


Full Arms £100 / £400         


Half Legs £120 / £480             


Full Legs £200 / £800               


Full Chest £120 / £480             

Full Back £200 / £800


















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